Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chillin' In SoHo

I go out alot. I'm a popular girl! Not all pitbulls live in the 'hood'. I live in the SoHo part of NYC. We usually take my nightly stroll past a few key NYC landmarks. Last night we hit Little Italy, which is just a few steps from our house.

Next time I go out I'll take a picture of (what used to be) John Gotti's social club. Now it's a shoe store, but the neighborhood still has some of that oldworld gangsta feel to it. Rough enough to be cool. Cool enough to be chic. A pit has to be careful where she socializes. This is the back of Old Saint Patricks Cathedral on Mulberry St. I like to smell the grass through the fence in the graveyard. The graves are REALLY old. Older than Mommy & Daddy. Combined.

This is Daddy walking me in the hood. Every lady needs a handsome manby her side. He can get grouchy at times when I want to sniff and mark my territory, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! I love daddy even though he can be a meany. We look good together walkin' in the hood :)

Next we head over to my FAVORITE spot for a litle late night rat chasing! WoooHooo!They're back behind this big ol iron fence.

The NERVE of those little #&^%$. I'll show them! I love to run from one side ...then around the corner to the other side and cut them off. Ha. They think there's a way out hehehe.Not while I'm on the job.

Next we head around to Bowery.....hmmmm one of the best things about NYC is you never know when you're going to look up and find art. Like this graffiti. Or, like this 250 y/o door. Some say this door has magical powers......that if you sit in front of it that ghosts look out through your eyes. I don't know about that one lolol, I sit out here all the time, I never see any ghosts!