Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pink Feet

NewYawwwwwkFreakingCity. You never know what's going to happen when I'm out in the hood patrolling my territory and looking for a quiet poop spot.

Here we find another mannequin plunging to it's death in SOHO. They just can't take all the tourists and neither can I!

Just as Mommy & Daddy started to take pics, some of NEW YAWK's finest rolled up and started taking pics also. You just never know the funny things you can see in the hood. Daddy should learn to focus the camera, I swear he's so blind. A hot chick like me needs hot paparazzi pics at all times. You never know when a fan might come up to me asking for an autograph paw. They should be able to recognize me, for dawgs' sake...I doubt Paris would have fuzzy pics! Get it together papi. Um, woof, ok?