Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Damn It's Hot.

Wooof. OMG. It's hot out heeeyah. Today I popped out with Mommy for a quick poo and a jaunt to my favorite spot, Happy Paws. I'm in desperate need of chewies! They love me there! I always get gold collar service, like Madonna or Oprah does. You know how they do...it's like they close down the store. All those other 'daycare' dogs stay in that big fishtank so I can shop in peace. I can't help being so cute! I picked out my fav squeakies, and I carried the best one out with me cuz I can't WAIT to rip it to shreds when I get home! HOOO!

Then we stopped by Sparkys cuz 'miz owner' needed a burger. I dont get the extra trip...I mean there's soooo many goodies at Happy Paws, why the extra trek up the street in this heat I ask? Anyhoooo there I am contentedly seated outside - Mommy feeding me ice cubes, which, btw I LOVE! And there out of nowhere comes the paprazzi needing pics of me. ::sigh:: What's a pup to do?

POSE, of course! It just makes sense to give them what they want - you know what I mean? I've given up fighting it, I mean can the public help it if they can't get enough of me? Soooo, I obliged the nice boy, from Metro...I think he said his name was Ari...and, I was unbelievably cute drinking out of that cup and snacking on ice cubes. I guess I can't blame him. A pit has to do what a pit has to do. Plus, he said I was pretty, and he let me sniff his camera. Sweeet.